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Rental Approval Process

Contains important information. Please read carefully.

  1. Each prospective resident may score no more than twenty-four (24) points on the PineCreek Village internal credit scoring point system. For example, each collection account in he amount of $2,500 or less (unpaid) is scored 8.5 points. If payments are being made (proof required) on that account, then it would be scored at 5.5 points (bankruptcy and foreclosure excluded. See below for scoring and extra deposits required for bankruptcy and foreclosure.)
  2. Each account indicated as a “charge-off ” on one’s credit report is scored as 12.5 points. A bankruptcy is scored as 20 point and requires an ADDITIONAL $500 security deposit (this is in addition to the regular security deposit required for each apartment–– see brochure.)

A foreclosure is scored as 20 points and requires a deposit equal to two (2) months rent. If one is not sure about what is contained on his/her credit report,we urge that particular individual to visit one of the many online “free” credit report websites. the PineCreek Village application fee is a $30.00 fee (per person) and is not refundable once processed by PineCreek Village.

Speak to your PineCreek Village representative regarding other credit issues that you might have and their potential point scores.

Other qualifiers include pay stubs (proof of current employment), references, and proof of financial stability (checking account, savings account, etc.). Refer to “Qualifications Criteria” page located in the PineCreek Village brochure and website for detailed requirements.

Please note that the income requirement (necessary for approval) is 2.3 times the monthly rent (gross wages being earned by a current employer.) Otherwise, proof of $20,000 per person in a bank account and two (2) months rent is required as a security deposit. PineCreek Village Apartments does not accept co-signers (private or corporate.)

Once all requirements have been satisfied, final approval will be forthcoming.

Incomplete applications will not be processed.

Qualification Criteria

Items Needed In Order to Process Your Application( s):

  1. Your completed application needs to be returned to the PCV business office within 24 hours (Exactly 24- hours. Time is of the essence) from the time that your “holding fee” was placed. The Move-In Pro-Rate form will contain a time stamp, which will display the exact time that the $100 (plus $30 application fee per person) “holding fee” was placed. Failure to return your application( s), regardless of circumstance, within the allotted 24-hour period, will result in a complete cancellation of the rental process and any further consideration regarding your rental request will cease. The entire “Holding Fee” and all application fees will be refunded to you in their entirety should you fail to meet the initial 24-hour application deadline.

  2. There are no exceptions to this policy.
  3. If you have elected to qualify according to Primary Qualification Status (Income qualification is 2.3 times the amount of the monthly rent gross between all the renters.) In other words, aggregate income. Then all parties must provide the last two most current pay stubs (the last most current pay stub is acceptable as long as the year-to-date figure is displayed on the pay stub) within 72- hours of the PCV time-stamp. Proof of bank account or other financial account is required of all individuals. Failure to return your pay stubs and bank account information, regardless of circumstance, within the allotted 72-hour period, will result in a complete cancellation of the rental process and any further consideration regarding your rental request will cease.
    Further, at exactly 72-hours, presuming failure to return the required pay stubs and any other documentation required by PCV, your $100 "holding fee" and all application fees will become non-refundable. You may re-apply. However, a new $100 "holding fee" must be placed in order to begin the rental process.

    All required documentation must be available at the time of re-application.
  4. If you have elected to qualify according to Secondary Qualification Status, each individual must provide proof of no less than $20,000 in his/her local bank account as defined in the PineCreek Village policy & procedure manual. (Joint account is acceptable as long as applicant is a signer on the account.) Further, an extra deposit, regular deposit plus additional amount, equal to no less than two months rent shall be due and payable to PCV, along with other applicable charges, upon move- in. Please note that each and every individual applying for rental according to Secondary Qualification Status must provide proof of his/her account as described above. Only original bank or financial documents will be accepted. Copies or faxes are not acceptable. All financial information must be presented to PCV within 72-hours (as described Supra.) Otherwise, the rental process will cease and the "holding deposit" and all application fees will be non-refundable.
  5. Note: PineCreek Village Apartments does not accept co-signers. All individuals must qualify according to Primary or Secondary Qualification Status as described above.

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